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Our Services

All our material and human resources are at your service to ensure quality work. A team of qualified professionals, experienced, dynamic and motivated, is at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our products and services.


The assembly and installation of your new equipment is assured by our own technicians.


To ensure optimal maintenance of installation , we set high standards that maximize their lifespan and performance. Our maintenance rules meet the requirements of the standards and laws and are continuously adapted to their developments.

Whether or not SEAD equipment, our maintenance solutions offer a level of quality and reliability unmatched service. They thus remain fully operational but also meet or exceed the highest standards of safety.


You've invested in your equipemrnt and it works optimally, we must maintain this level.

By entrusting the maintenance work, we offer the most cost effective solution. Our engineers will help you find a deal that will balance your budget and maintenance requirements / service.

All products are sold with a warranty and we have an national network of experienced technicians for maintenance.

We will train your team for regular maintenance tasks.

Machines sale

You hesitate in choosing the most suitable product for your needs, to find technical information on a product or for your 1st order?

Contact us by phone at (216) 74404480, our sales consultants are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00 to help you make the best choice.